August 31, 2011

One Day

I am in the midst of moving and starting at university, so my life feels like a huge mess and everything is a bit chaotic these days, to say the least. Hopefully, things will calm down soon and I'll get used to my new life.

I just found the trailer for the film One Day with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, based on the book by David Nicholls (I wrote about the book here). The film will be released here in September, I'm not sure whether or not I'll go to the cinema to see it, but I definitely have to see it sooner or later. It was released a few weeks ago in the States, have you guys seen it?
Anyway, here's the trailer, I think it looks promising!

August 24, 2011

August 22, 2011

Enjoyable reads

Two of the books I've enjoyed the most during August.

Paul Auster - Oracle Night
So far this is the best book by Auster I've read.
What it's all about (from Goodreads):
Several months into his recovery from a near-fatal illness, thirty-four-year-old novelist Sidney Orr enters a stationery shop in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn and buys a blue notebook. It is September 18, 1982, and for the next nine days Orr will live under the spell of this blank book, trapped inside a world of eerie premonitions and puzzling events that threaten to destroy his marriage and undermine his faith in reality.
When you love books and stationery, this description gives the book a certain force of attraction, don't you think? So I had to read it. And luckily I did, I really enjoyed it. You should read it as well, you won't regret it.

Erlend Loe - Muleum

Loe is becoming a favourite author of mine. I love his way of writing. This book is a diary written by a 18-year-old girl, whose parents and brother died in a plane crash in Africa. She's kind of suicidal, but her suicide attempt is a total fiasco. However, she doesn't give up her death wish, she just realizes that when she can't figure out how to commit suicide herself, somebody else must to it for her. She feels closer to her dead family when she's up in the air, so she travels the world by plane, hoping that the plane will crash sooner or later. It doesn't really sound like an enjoyable book, but it is. It's fun and crazy, even though the topic is rather depressing.
(I'm not sure if it has been translated into English though. If not, you have a good reason to learn one of the Scandinavian languages ;) )

August 19, 2011

Postcards from Italy IV - Verona

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Red roofs all over. And thirsty birds. And humans.

Just found a link to this nice song in my bookmarks. I have no idea where I got it from, cause I can't remember that I've ever heard this song before, but I like it. Have a listen and enjoy the weekend!

Koop - Koop Islands Blues feat. Ane Brun

August 15, 2011

Postcards from Italy III - Nighttime photography

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A tripod would've been useful (especially the last photo would have been so much better with a tripod). Not the easiest thing in the world to stand completely still for what feels like the longest seconds ever.

August 12, 2011

Postcards from Italy II

A lot of paragliders were having fun when we visited Lake Garda (or Lago di Garda, as the Italians would say). The temperature was crazy those days (+40 degrees Celcius!), so it was very nice to go up in the mountains where the air was less unbearable.

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When I was in New Zealand I was supposed to go paragliding, but unfortunately the weather was against me (too much wind), so I still have that experience to look forward too. Needless to say I envied those paragliders quite a lot.

+ something completely different I enjoyed yesterday. Check out Hey Ya. A funny little video I found the other day. Aren't they cute? Well, at least they made me smile.

August 10, 2011

Book update

I haven't read as many books during my holiday as I probably should in order to keep up with my reading challenge. But, I'm still on track, so I guess it's still realistic to reach my goal.
None of the books I've read recently have been amazing, I really hope I'll find a book there's above average soon.

Paul Auster: Invisible
This book is weird. Really. But I sort of liked it. Plus the cover is pretty.

Sharon Owens: The Pub on Maple Street
The last book in the Belfast trilogy. It was entertaining, and it was better than no. 2 in the series, but it wasn't innovative at all. If you feel like reading something from this trilogy, I'd recommend the first one (or the last one - and maybe both if you don't have anything else to read).

David Mitchell: Black Swan Green
I liked the last couple of chapters, but it was hard to get there. My expectations were probably too high, but I had been looking forward to read this book and then it was not that interesting after all. Disappointing.

August 8, 2011

Postcards from Italy

Finally I took the time to look at my photos from the trip to Italy. I've been busy painting and cleaning my apartment, but now I'm almost ready to move in, hurray!

As usual I took a lot of photos, so there's enough for a little series of "postcards" from Italy. Enjoy!

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The first two photos are my favourites (from Malcesine and Sirmione respectively). We ate pizza from the pizza bar under the beautiful stairway, it was delicious!

August 2, 2011

Fabulous Potter

A week ago I went to the cinema to see the second part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and I was not disappointed (I never am when it's Harry Potter).
My opinion about the film in three words (and a lot more if I go into details): I love it (but I love everything Harry Potter-related). It was just the perfect ending, I think. Strange, that it's over after all these years. And a little sad too. No more books or films to look forward to.
Tears came to my eyes several times during the film, there's so many sad scenes in this one, but luckily I had those 3D-glasses to hide my tearful eyes behind. It was the first time I've seen a film in 3D. I think I prefer 2D. Those glasses were a bit painful...