August 10, 2011

Book update

I haven't read as many books during my holiday as I probably should in order to keep up with my reading challenge. But, I'm still on track, so I guess it's still realistic to reach my goal.
None of the books I've read recently have been amazing, I really hope I'll find a book there's above average soon.

Paul Auster: Invisible
This book is weird. Really. But I sort of liked it. Plus the cover is pretty.

Sharon Owens: The Pub on Maple Street
The last book in the Belfast trilogy. It was entertaining, and it was better than no. 2 in the series, but it wasn't innovative at all. If you feel like reading something from this trilogy, I'd recommend the first one (or the last one - and maybe both if you don't have anything else to read).

David Mitchell: Black Swan Green
I liked the last couple of chapters, but it was hard to get there. My expectations were probably too high, but I had been looking forward to read this book and then it was not that interesting after all. Disappointing.

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