September 12, 2011

International Photo Awards - Non-pro verticals

Woops, it seems like I forgot to post the last favourite photos as promised. Oh well, patience is a virtue, right? 
At last the last three of my favourites from the international Photography Awards. Isn't the photo of the water lilies stunning? I hope he wins one of  the prizes.
By the way, I still have five posts left in my "Postcards from Italy" series waiting. So many blog posts, so little time!

William Scully, "Underwaterlilies", 1st category winner (aka finalist) in Nature Non-pro

Alexander Kitsenko, "Autumn story: Oak, Raspberry and Frost", 3rd place in the category Nature - Seasons Non-pro

Maciej Grzegorzek, "Kitten and charcoal burner", 1st place in the category Special - Pets Non-pro

[Source: iPA]

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