December 10, 2011

The days run away like wild horses

Time really flies these days! This weekend I've been drawing like crazy for our semester project. We have to deliver the file at the printer's on Thursday, so there's just a few busy days left. And then another paper needs my attention. Luckily, I can listen to Christmas music all day if I want to, so it's not too boring. But I'm still looking so much forward to the holidays!
Especially because I'm going to celebrate Christmas in California this year! Pretty cool, huh? I've never tried to be in another country during Christmas, so it's pretty exiting, I think. And I've dreamt about visiting California for a long time, so it's just perfect.
But first I have all these papers to finish... On the bright side my birthday is just around the corner, so there's plenty of good things happening too.

This is one of my favourite Christmas songs. I'm a huge fan of Jason Mraz and actually this is the song, that made me listen to his own songs. I love the way he sings this song, sometimes I listen to it during the summer too, I can't help it. His voice is just amazing. And he's looking so cute in this video, you have to watch it, haha.

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