September 22, 2012

Liquid Drop Art

The Takeoff

This is simply amazing and very, very fascinating! Corrie White takes these incredible, colourful photos of water drops. I am not sure I can imagine how much effort it takes to take this kind of photos, which makes it even more admirable. I know that I wouldn't have the patience for this kind of photography (and I might be too lazy as well... all that equipment, you know!). So I'll just keep admiring Corrie's beautiful work. I can't get enough of those colours and crazy shapes, so inspiring.

Check out her website and her flickr to see more of her amazing water drop photos.

Chinese parasol
3 Up - 3 Down
Out of the Abyss
Dome FX
Clown Dance
Two Flash Splash
Mushrooms and Jellyfish
A Cherry on Top
Sea Flower
Emerald drop
Blue Mushroom

[Photos by Corrie White]

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