October 7, 2013

Movies I've seen recently #11

Elizabethtown (2005)

Some parts were really good, some were not good at all. I must admit that it's been awhile since I saw this movie and I can't remember that much from it (I guess, that's not exactly a quality stamp). Somebody dies and somebody fall in love and there is some sort of stupid memorial stuff, that was quite cringeworthy. That's all I remember.

Match Point (2005)
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Another Woody Allen film. I usually like his quirky movies. This one was very good, I loved the twist at the end. And Matthew Goode is always charming...

The Darjeeling Limited (2007)
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I'm not sure I got the point (if there is a point in this movie). It is a very colourful movie and that is definitely  a plus. It is fun at some point, but most of the time it is just confusing. I thought it was kind of... messy? Great acting though, Adrien Brody is good.
By the way, the little film in the beginning, "Hotel Chevalier" was weird too. But the song playing during the prologue was fun.

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