February 17, 2011

Blackbird fly

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Today feels like a Saturday for some unknown reason. Various covers of the Beatles' Blackbird have been the soundtrack of my day. I love the melody, especially when played on guitar. A year ago I played in a band and one of the guitarists always played this song when we had a break, actually I didn't know the song before I heard him play it. Good memories and a beautiful melody.
I had a hard time picking out just one version to post, so I decided on two in stead.

First the one by Sarah McLachlan. Extra beautiful because her voice doesn't drown the melody.

Second the cover (from the film "Across the Universe") by Evan Rachel Wood, because of her beautiful voice. Sadly, the thing I love about the melody isn't very distinct because of the instrument (accordion or something?). Anyway, it's beautiful too.

I haven't seen Across the Universe yet, but it's on my list of films to see. Have you seen it? Is it good?

[source: allmoviephoto]

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