June 26, 2011

Reading challenge

Until this year I didn't read that many books, maybe only one or two books per month. I thought that was too few, considering my 14-pages long "books-to-read-list". So this year I joined the reading challenge at Goodreads and decided that I should read 100 books in 2011. Right now I'm halfway through, so I hope I'll be able to keep up the standard. I haven't read much in June because of my exams, but I managed to read a few books. Unfortunately, only one of them deserves a recommendation.

"Special topics in calamity physics" by Marisha Pessl. Blue van Meer is a 16-year old intellectual, who is living a nomadic life with her father, professor Gareth van Meer. He travels around the country to lecture at different universities and Blue comes with him as her mother died in a car accident. In her senior year of high school they're staying for a whole year, so Blue can finish school. Here she gets involved with a group of friends, which goes by the name of "the Bluebloods". Blue and the Bluebloods always eat Sunday dinner at Hannah Schneider's house. Hannah Schneider is film teacher at the school and there's something mysterious going on around her...
I enjoyed the book, even though it was a little bit heavy in the middle. The book is full of references to other books, mainly classics. To begin with it's no big deal to read all the references, but it becomes kind of annoying when you haven't read all those books.

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