April 3, 2012

March Challenge part 4

Day 26. Had a deadline at school, so I didn't have time to do anything for the challenge. Boring.

Day 27. Went shopping, didn't buy anything but this top. I love the colours! (Not the best photo though).
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Day 28. I finally pulled myself together to wash my bike. It was much needed after driving the salty roads the whole winter.

Day 29. I wore a yellowish top for the first time. Yellow is a new colour in my wardrobe, but I think I like it.
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Day 30. Didn't do anything differently on purpose, I guess I've lost some motivation for this challenge along the way... But I watched a movie instead of TV while I ate.

Day 31. Bought a pitahaya fruit and ate it. It's a very pretty fruit, so beautiful and strong colours! (And I have a preference for pink these days, which makes it even prettier). The taste didn't live up to the looks though. I mean - look at it - doesn't it look like a fruit with a very, very exotic and strong taste? That was what I expected, so it disappointed me a little as it didn't really taste of anything. Maybe a little bit like kiwi, but much weaker. I'd prefer a kiwi anytime.
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