January 28, 2011

Careless whisper

I’ve spent a few hours today trying to make a list of all the blogs I read (not finished yet) and it seems like it’s a never-ending list! Can’t believe I read so many blogs; it’s kind of crazy, isn’t it? Well, it’s also fun and a great way to get inspiration, so I guess it’s all good.
Now I need a break (my eyes in particular) away from the screen, so I’ll leave you with some nice music.

Anybody who knows how to post a youtube video without the video, you know, just the sound? Any help will be highly appreciated! The music player from goear is definitely not the prettiest thing...

[Source: unknown unfortunately]


  1. hello! to get just the music bar you have to change the height on the code to 25, it's there twice so change both to 25 Hope that helps hun x

  2. Thanks a lot! I'll see if I can make it work :)