January 27, 2011



Yesterday I finished a collection of short stories by Kazuo Ishiguro called "Nocturnes - Five stories of music and nightfall". The title sounded promising, I thought, but I must admit it was a bit dull.
However, I liked the first and the third story more than the others. The first one, "Crooner" is about a polish guitarist who plays songs for the tourists on a piazza in Venice (like in the third photo, I imagine). He meets an old crooner, who wants him to assist him in serenading his wife from a gondola, sounds very romantic, doesn't it? I can reveal that it turns out to be less romantic than it sounds, but I think you have to read it to get the rest of the story.
I don't know why I liked this one, but it made me feel like going to Venice!

Cuba Gallery: Italy / Venice / Rialto Canal / natural light / vintage / night / photography
Cuba Gallery: Italy / Venice / Florian outdoor music / natural light / vintage / photography
Cuba Gallery: Italy / Venice / vintage / restaurant / people / natural light / street / urban / photography

And looking at photos from Venice at flickr just made me want to go there even more! It's so beautiful.
Ok, back to the short stories; the third one, "Malvern Hills", about a young man writing songs and playing his guitar in Malvern Hills, was good too, primarily because it gave me a nice summery feeling (hmm, do I miss summer a little?)

Btw, these photos are so beautiful, check out the galleries on flickr, follow the links below!

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