March 14, 2011

Back on track

I've had problems with my internet connection since my last post, but now I'm back on track (hopefully). When that happens you realize how much time you spend on the internet, it's a little scary. The good thing about being without internet is that I suddenly had a lot of time to read books and paint and do nothing.

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  • I finally finished Cloud of Sparrows by Takashi Matsuoka (before the internet went on a hiatus). Oh my, it was boring! It took about 250 pages before it started to get a bit interesting. To cut a long story short it's about a bunch of samurais, a few American missionaries and a lord or two who get visions about the future. Interesting, huh? I thought it sounded good when I first read about the book, but it was way too historical for my taste. 
  • The next book was Doppler by the Norwegian writer Erlend Loe. It was easily read, which is always a plus. It's about Doppler, a man who crash on his bike and decides to move into the forest for a while. A lot of things happen in the forest, for example he meets a moose and they become best friends. 
  • I also finished my second book by Paul Auster, Mr. Vertigo. I don't know whether I like it or not, it was ok, but I'm not too keen on it. I liked Man in the Dark more (and the cover was also prettier - with shiny letters and everything! Just found a prettier version of Mr. Vertigo (the one on the right) They should stick to the most colourful version). Can you recommend anything by Auster?
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