March 29, 2011

Life is like a box of chocolates

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Most of you probably know Forrest Gump and if you don't you should sit down and watch the movie, it's great. I've seen the movie several times, so I thought I might give the book a go too. The story line is not exactly the same as in the movie. Some of the things Forrest experiences in the book is not in the movie and vice versa. I prefer the ending as it is in the movie, it's much more touching than in the book.
Nevertheless I enjoyed the book. Some of the things Forrest says is just hilarious, I was laughing many times, while I read. He is definitely the perfect idiot, as it says on the cover.

The book is written in a very special way, that might be annoying to some, but it didn't bother me when I first got used to read it.
An example (not the best one, but I'm too lazy to look for a better one):
"About the only class I liked was lunch, but I guess you couldn't call that a class. At the nut school, my mama would fix me a sambwich an a cookie an a piece of fruit - cept no bananas - an I'd take it to school with me" - Forrest Gump (by Winston Groom)

In short, there's a lot of misspelling in this book and the words are written in the way Forrest would pronounce them, e.g. "pitcher" (picture), "hissef" (himself), "nex" (next) and "figger out" (figure out). I think it's kind of charming, but maybe it was because I had Tom Hanks' voice in my head throughout the book. By the way he's doing a great job as Forrest Gump.

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