March 20, 2011

Into the Wild

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Eddie Vedder - Guaranteed (Into the Wild Soundtrack)

Last weekend I watched "Into the Wild" and it's been in my head since. Yesterday I watched the extra material, which I usually don't watch unless it's a really good movie, but it was quite interesting. The movie is based on the book by Jon Krakauer, I think have to read the book too sooner or later.

Into the Wild is based on the true story of Chris McCandless, a young guy who leaves everything behind after graduating from university and travels into the wild, more specifically Alaska. This is definitely a must see! A beautiful tragedy, a movie that makes you think and stays with you for a long time after watching it. Emile Hirsch's performance as Chris McCandless/Alexander Supertramp is brilliant, the movie is full of beautiful scenery and it has a great soundtrack as well. It fits the movie perfectly (my favourite is "Guaranteed").

What Chris McCandless did is somehow admirable. I mean, who haven't thought about going on an adventure of some kind? The difference is that he actually did it, whereas most people just keep thinking about it and never realize these dreams. On the other hand it was also kind of foolish to set out like he did without further preparations, but I guess that was a part of the adventure?
Maybe it wasn't properly thought out, but still, it was very courageous and admirable to give up everything to follow your dream.

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