March 19, 2012

March Challenge part 2

Day 13. Had movie night with my group mates. They're all crazy about Disney movies, so we saw the animated version of Alice in Wonderland. I'm not much into cartoon films, so I would prefer to see the one with real actors, but the cartoon was ok. At least the company was good.

Day 14. Tried a new recipe again. Five-a-day tagine. Not good. It had a very bad taste, so I ended up throwing the rest of it in the garbage bin (and usually I never throw out food, but I just couldn't eat this).

Day 15. I went to the library and brought four movies home with me. Not very often I do that. And look, the honey was smiling at me (or does it look scared?).

Day 16. I made cocoa/cinnamon almonds and raisins.

Day 17. Went for a bike ride in my neighbourhood without any goal. Normally I never ride my bike unless I have to get from A to B. But this was nice and I really needed some fresh air. When I got home I felt so good.

Day 18. Put metal cans in a special container for recycling instead of just throwing them out with the other garbage. Should probably let this become a habit.

Day 19. Showered in the morning instead of in the evening. And got up early even though today's lecture is late in the afternoon. The day is still young, so maybe I'll do even more things different, you never know.

Have a nice day, I know I will!

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