February 9, 2012

Movies I've seen recently #2

On the plane back home I celebrated New Year's Eve with these movies.

Drive (2011)

I'd heard a lot about this movie, so when it was right in front of me, I thought Drive would be a good way to start the flight. And it was good, in spite of a few nasty scenes. I loved the interaction between Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan. So sweet!

Crazy, stupid, love (2011)

Another movie starring Ryan Gosling felt like a must see. It was quite fun, I really liked it. I could easily watch it again, even though it might be a little bit predictable (but just a little). Eye candy in the shape of Mr. Gosling is always a good thing.

Notting Hill (1999)

It was okay. Fine pastime activity if you don't have anything else to do - which was exactly my situation. I usually like to stay awake the whole time during the flight.

When Harry met Sally (1989)
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Okay, this movie was not good at all. It was so boring and there wasn't anything pretty to look at to distract me from the boredom. Maybe it's just beacuse it's old. Maybe not. I think I should've chosen Ratatouille in stead.

[Image sources: All Movie Photo, IMDb and RomanceEternal]

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