February 2, 2012

Skog and Funghi

 One of the light bulbs in my ceiling lamp has blown, so I dream about better lighting these days. I don't have many lamps as it is, so it's kind of dark in here. Maybe I should put lamp and bulb shopping on my to-do-list...

Anyway, I stumbled upon these cool, colourful lamps yesterday. I got a thing for glass, especially coloured glass. If I had space (and money) for the whole group I'd love to have them in my home.

They remind me of the Funghi lamps (last photo) I've had a photo of in my inspiration folder for years. But I think I prefer the Skog lamps. Even though I (also) love ceramics, I think it works better with a glass shade. I mean, how much light do you get from a lamp that doesn't have a translucent shade?


[Sources: Caroline Olsson, Magnor Glassverk and betterlivingthroughdesign]

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